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I thought that blogging would be easy.... a quick insight into my life and a couple of awful jokes that make me chuckle like crazy. It has become evident that I'm really bad at it.


London life is busy. I have been extremely fortunate to perform four nights in a row this week and it has been incredible. Saying this, I forget that I took English A-Level aswell... Mock in two days... yay!


I just wanted to send a quick message to say how much I am loving London, and although I do miss Cardiff a lot, the people I have met and the opportunities that have been presented are priceless. Two weeks ago, I had the chance to perform at the Why Festival at Southbank, where we had to compose protest songs as a part of our songwriting course. Some of the lyrics that people wrote were simply beautiful and to be on the same stage as so many talented young musicians was indescribable.


We are currently working towards our Christmas showcase which I will keep you all posted on and coursework is mountain high, but I love it. Christmas is coming and I will be home for the holidays. Cannot wait to catch up!


Lil x 



6 weeks in...

Hi all,


I cannot believe it is coming up to week six away from home. It has actually flown by. Just thought I’d update you on the past couple of weeks.


A few months ago, I sat down by my piano, not necessarily in the best mood and wrote a song called “Tonight.” I wrote it one night when I was feeling particularly lonely and it’s about all the people who I don’t know yet, that will be in my life. A little cheesy I know…


This weekend I had the pleasure of performing my song at the Iris Prize Festival in Cardiff. I was honoured and so proud to be a part of this celebration and not for one second did I ever think that it would be this year’s theme song. I had been asked to perform the song at the awards ceremony on the final day of the festival and it has to be one of my favourite moments so far. Very close second to balling for two hours, while trying to watch Beyoncé perform, but could only see a blur through the tears. Close, close second.


Anyhow, I have been completely overwhelmed by such amazing responses and over the weekend I have met some incredibly talented filmmakers and directors.


While it was amazing being in Cardiff, I have been having such a good time in London. Last week a group of us went to a venue called Box of Toys and did an acoustic set for open mic night. We ended up having such a great time and it’s so lovely to start sharing my music with London audiences. I have officially started to book gigs in London and my first one will be at Troubadour this Friday. I know my hard core fans will be ecstatic!


Cheers m’dears!


Lil x

First few weeks in London...

I thought writing a blog post would be really easy… I mean what could go wrong? I’ve been told that I should write a music blog or write about my time in London. Saying that I have actually opened and closed this document a good 20 times over the past week and I still don’t really know what I’m supposed to say….


I am slowly settling into London, it’s a lot busier than Cardiff and everyone is always miserable. I haven’t quite got used to it all yet except, I am proud to say that I have mastered the tube. For all beginners - earphones in, keep to yourself and avoid eye contact at all costs.


Besides this, I am loving school. I am currently in week three of studying music at ELAM. I really cannot articulate how amazing it is – which kind of defeats the purpose of a blog – but the equipment and facilities are just incredible. Expecting the usual dented dynamic mic (btw – I only learned its proper name last week), there are three fully kitted live rooms, two studios and a pretty cool room which we call the snug.


Also, did I mention Will Kennard from Chase and Status just floats around the school – Yep – I know! I still freak out a little when I see Status walk through the canteen.


Completely besides the point – London is everything I hoped it would be and school is just indescribable. I have never met so many talented and supportive people in my life. I’m being taught drums by a friend who is insane, there are girls who can riff circles around Beyoncé – I can’t explain how talented people are and I am privileged to get to know and work with them.


On the other hand – I haven’t quite managed to work the washing machine. I have somehow turned my Calvin’s from white to pink. It’s these moments when you really miss mum. I have also been locked out – three times -  only to find that I hadn’t put the key in properly – You live and you learn.


I am constantly back and forth between Cardiff and London. I am also still gigging all over the place so I will keep you updated about any upcoming gigs. Can’t wait to showcase some new tunes. Over the next few months I will be working on my second EP which I plan to release next Summer. The next one is going to be songs that I have been dying to record and release.


Just thought I’d keep you updated….

Lil x


An Insight into Lily Beau... 

Lily Beau is a singer songwriter from Cardiff who has invested a lot of her free time into what can only be described as an incredible talent. This Cardiff Teenager has worked hard to make sure she practices her piano and singing most evenings; something I believe most of us gave up a LONG time ago. But not this girlie, she’s adamant to make her mark on the world with her gorgeous voice.

So far this year Lily Beau has done several gigs around Cardiff, including a Christmas Gig down Cardiff Bay. It was lovely to be in the crisp atmosphere with beer, mulled wine and Lily’s beautiful singing and piano playing. And not to mention her gig in The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama! Yep, she’s up there with the best of them so she’s a must see singer.

And what a voice this girl has. It’s loud and it’s proud, so move over Beyonce, the World needs to make way for Lily Beau. Wonderfully gifted she loves to sing her very own songs and show her true colours. Her music is beautiful and her playing is even better – the Piano never sounded so good.

Lily Beau has plenty more upcoming events happening this year, so don’t worry if you haven’t seen her in the flesh yet, there’s still time! I really do implore you to get on your fancy pants and take a trip down to Cardiff Town and see our Lily Beau sing and play. She always creates a wonderful, fun atmosphere. So take a seat, get comfy and prepared to be wowed.

Get a taster of just how fabulous she is by visiting her YouTube channel. 

With love, a dedicated Fan x

New Year, New Music

It's been a while since I posted last but there's so much coming up. I will be playing at some different events throughout the year and I can't wait to get back into the studio. Will keep you posted on all upcoming gigs and videos.


Kind Notice : Please rain... just leave

National Anti-Bullying Conference

My song Sectretly Beautiful, is going to be used as the theme for the National Anti-bullying conference on the 18th of November! I cannot wait to play it!


Recently I took part in two singing competitions. The first was in school and i was up against some AMAZING singers. Luckily i won, and the judges really liked my song, Secretly Beautiful, and offered me free time in the studio. I can't wait!

The second competition was for the Global Eid Extravaganza. The fasion shows were amazing and the local talent is phenominal. I was very fortunate and the judges also liked my performance and I won. The trophy is so cool.


How many teenagers get to say that, TOMORROW I'M GOING TO SEE BEYONCE. I cannot contain my excitement, It is going to be Amazing. Not to mention, Madonna, Florence and the Machine, Ellie Golding and Jlo will be there too, plus more. I can't believe it. Thank you Mum and Dad. x

Glanfa Stage...

A few weeks ago, i had the opportunity to perform on the Glanfa stage in the Millennium Centre. I had a great time and the feedback was Amazing. Thank you to everyone who came and thank you to everyone who helped, but mostly I would like to thank my mother for her (bossy) caring encouragement.

We, ended up, spending the entire day in the sun.

Pure Bliss.

Next Year...

A week has gone by, and I entered and came second in the Youth Events Wales representing Cardiff in the area of singing. I am very proud that I came second; there were some extremely talented young musicians. The audience were amazing and with the respons​e I got, I felt they enjoyed my music. I must be honest, there was a lot of waiting, Mum and I had fun, but waited for quite a while.

Who's to say next year I wont be first next year?

Lots Of Love,

Lily Beau


C'mon Cardiff

Congratulations Duke of Edinburgh! 

Today, I won a competition to represent Cardiff in the area of singing. I was chosen to compete for my local youth centre and I won! Yay! Next Sunday, I will be travelling to Mid Wales to sing one of my own songs and compete against other young musicians from all over Wales. I am so excited. Can't wait to get up there and sing. Feeling very proud and I can't wait to show everyone what I can give.

Wish me luck!x

Lily Beau,


Well Done, to everybody who earned their Duke of Edinburgh Awards. You all deserved them.I had such a blast performing for you all and thank you so much for the wonderful feedback. This week I was given the opportunity to perform at the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and I loved it so much. Once again well done to all the young achievers! Looking forward for the next performance.


Lily Beau



HI, FIRST BLOG, FIRST DAY. I am literally clueless on what to write. Has been a long day, so tired. I visited Brit School today. Met some extremely talented young musicians and singers. Wondering what my future will hold.




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